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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Tea

Hello fam! Happy Tuesday!

I just went to the most marvelous place near me..a tea room! Basically I felt as if I went to London and back in a day. My friend showed me this place so I went with her once and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, so I had to go again - today - and take a million pictures..which I did! 

We got the special called 'The Lemon Lily' which comes with scones, soup, little sandwiches, dessert and of course tea. To keep up with the season my friend and I ordered Cinnamon Apple tea and it was delicious! They were extremely welcoming, genuine and funny; also the food is homemade..SCORE! I will definitely be back.

I felt so comfortable there and they didn't even mind me taking pictures of their lovely restaurant! It's been open for 2 years and I'm honestly thinking of having my birthday party there or something. I felt like a princess and obviously classy! Each table and each dining set are all different, nothing is the same which makes it even better because everything is an antique. It's so original and yummy :) 

Have you gone to afternoon tea before?

xx, Lillie
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