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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In The Moment

I went home this weekend for Thanksgiving and it was a nice time to relax and be with family of course. I became really homesick since I haven't been able to go home since August and that is a long time for me. Being home made me start to reflect on how I treat people when I am with them and how I use up the time I have with someone individually. I realized good qualities with myself, and also bad qualities that I am now trying to work on.

I see myself as really taking the time to see as many people as I can and to ask many questions. I am a question person and I like that about myself. Questions are always popping up in my head even if it gets awkward with someone, so no worries, if you talk to me, expect a question. When I am in Orlando I have noticed that I never use my phone if I am talking to someone one on one. I give them my full attention and use up my time wisely. Since I wasn't in Orlando and wasn't in my 'home' this past week, I wasn't with the people I see on a daily basis. So being with people one on one at home, I realized I was on my phone a lot. I didn't realize that until the last day which upset me since I couldn't really fix it until I go home for Christmas break. It hurt me to see that I took some of those family members for granted even though I kept saying how much I missed them. Did I miss talking to them or being with them, or did I just miss the presence of that person that was now removed because I live in Orlando? I'm not too sure.

On the last day I was talking to my mom outside on her patio and I looked over to see this beautiful garden that she made.. I first thought it was our neighbors which then became a joke and a quite funny one at that. I realized an hour before I left to drive home that I didn't give the attention my mother deserved this week. I kept realizing 'ok I will be with my mom from the time she gets home to the time she goes to bed and then go out with my friends'. I realized - a little too late - that yes, I was with her but I wasn't WITH her in a sense of giving her my time and my ears 100% as I do with others. 

So my challenge, now, to really think about this and to not take for granted the people I see, is to really be with them in the moment and care for them while I am with them and while I am away from them. Give the person I am with, the time they deserve and love them the way Christ does. 

Do you do the same? Do you struggle with being on your phone when you are with others?

xx, Lillie
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